How it all began

Next To Godliness Scripture Soap roses are a beautiful giftI started making soap in 2005 during a very hectic time in my life, when I was a single mom, commuting for work. I had to drive the kids to daycare, which was 7 miles in the opposite direction from the house, two towns away, and then back by my house to even begin my drive to work.

I could not afford the daycare for three kids in town where we live. I school choiced my oldest into half-day kindergarten, in the other town, because I wanted my kids to be all in one place, if I had to be at another altogether.

My youngest was 6 months old. I was still nursing.

I knew I needed to make Christmas gifts because I couldn’t afford much there either. I narrowed my ideas down to two: soap and candles. I chose soap over candles, because I had only one set of pots and I didn’t think I could clean wax out of my cooking pots.

The one really cool thing about making soap was it forced me to slow down and stand still in one spot while I made it. I had to stir it constantly over the gas stove. It gave me time to think. And to count my blessings.Next to Godliness Holiday Soap Assortment: a great hostess gift

Times were really hard, but I still had a lot to be thankful for. I dreamed up the concept of Next to Godliness Scripture Soap at that time and had a whole bunch of marketing ideas. Some of them I have tried, but even this many years later this whole project is in its infancy!

Next to Godliness Scripture Soap is awesome to wash with — the lather is soft and the bars are fragrant. But this is not just soap. It’s an uplifting, meaningful gift (even to yourself!) because each bar comes with a scripture message. I like to use Old Testament verses for wider appeal, but if there is something specific you want, I can accommodate custom orders. Visit our order page for more info and then contact me.