The back story

I started making soap at Christmastime one year when I was the single mom of three kids 5 and under. We needed teacher gifts and since money was tight, I figured that was a good time to teach kids about making homemade gifts.
I was considering either candles or soap and I decided on soap because I thought it was less messy (or any mess that was made would get whatever it landed on cleaner), and I wouldn’t have to dedicate all my pots and pans to the craft.
Standing around at my stove stirring soap was a peaceful time during an otherwise super-hectic period of my life. It gave me time to think about things and I dreamed up ideas for branding and packaging. I’ve tried a lot of different styles of soap over the years (you can see them throughout the site) and sold the soap in local venues and at craft fairs. My ultimate goal is to set up an online store. For now, if you’re interested in purchasing soap, just contact me, and like my Facebook page. Thanks!